Sand (left) & Richard (right): co-founders of Gamcho

Sand (left) & Richard (right): co-founders of Gamcho

What does GamCho mean?

Gamcho is a word used for an essential ingredient in Traditional Korean Medicine. It is an ingredient that has always been present and necessary for thousands of years. Gamcho is the term that truly defines our identity. We strive to make this restaurant essential in your lives and completely unforgettable. 

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The Faces of GamCho

Sang and Richard first met in Chicago more than a decade ago while working at the same restaurant. They formed a strong friendship that lasted them through different states and jobs, and that friendship has finally brought them to Atlanta for their new partnership together at their very own restaurant, GamCho.

Richard, co-founder and executive chef, has experience from around the world, all the way from Korea to around the USA. With his years and years of experience, he is finally ready to bring Atlanta his very own flavor and open up your eyes to Korean cuisine.